Bavaria One

The aerospace strategy “Bavaria One” of the state of Bavaria aims to make Bavaria Germany’s leading location for innovative aerospace technologies. In the following, developments around “Bavaria One” are presented in chronological order.

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02.10.2018 – Bavaria One starts!

The Bavarian state government has passed the aerospace strategy “Bavaria One”. It entails an investment of 700 Million Euros to support the aerospace industry in Bavaria and to found Europe’s largest faculty for aerospace in Ottobrunn. The program will be coordinated by the Bavarian economics minister Franz Josef Pschierer.

Further program details:

  • Construction of a 400 meter long Hyperloop test track
  • Seven new digital business incubators at following locations:
    • Ansbach
    • Rottal-Inn/Freyung-Grafenau/Pfarrkirchen
    • Manching
    • Coburg
    • Parsberg
    • Günzburg
    • Lohr am Main


Among others program activities, Minister-President Markus Säder presented a mission logo for “Bavaria One”, displaying his likeness as the most prominent feature. This image is now cause for public critique, accusing the Minister-President aka “Major Markus” of megalomania and self-aggrandizement.

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04.05.2018 – Ottobrunn will become Star City

For the USA it is Huston, for Russia it is Zvyozdny Gorodok and for Germany it will be Ottobrunn: Star City!

In a public address in the Landtag, Markus Söder presents more details concerning the Bavarian space program “Bavaria One”. Utilizing a budget of 100 million Euros, a new aerospace faculty shall be established in the South-East of Munich, Ottobrunn to be more precise. The plan includes about 30 professorships, a new building and a Hyperloop test track. Already, Ottobrunn is home to large aerospace ventures such as Airbus. Surrounding companies, universities, and startups welcome the new engagement and enthusiasm for Bavarian space activities.

The German Aerospace Center (DLR) in the West of Munich released a rather brief comment, stating they look forward to “Bavaria One”. DLR has been considered for a role in the space program and the local satellite control center shall be expanded.


18.04.2018 – BavariaOne.init();

In his government statement 2018 the Bavarian Minister-President Dr. Markus Söder first mentioned “Bavaria One”, a space program to make space a Bavarian key technology again(?). Part of the endeavor is the founding of an aerospace faculty at the TU Munich in Ottobrunn setting focus on suborbital UAVs, earth observation and quantum sensing.