About B.S.A.

The Bavarian Space Agency (BSA), founded in 2018, is a private initiative for the furtherance of civil space activities in the state of Bavaria. In line with the 2018 government statement of Minister-President Markus Söder, the BSA focuses on the build-up of the space sector as a Bavarian key technology. The space program “Bavaria One” shall establish Bavaria as the leading center for German space activities. A new aerospace faculty with focus on satellites, earth observation, rocket technology and quantum sensing the TU Munich gets a new research center in Ottobrunn. On these pages, you will find collected information about Bavarian space activities.

Vision and Mission

Goal of the BSA is to spread enthusiasm for civil space activities in Bavaria and to make Bavaria a synonym for innovative space research and industry in Germany. All Bavarian space activities shall aid the understanding and sustainable protection of our home planet Earth, in particular the citizens of Bavaria and neighboring states shall be inspired to look up and leave the limitations of their own horizon behind.

Future Developments

The founding of the new TU Munich aerospace faculty in Ottobrunn and start of the Bavarian space program “Bavaria One” form the foundations of this new endeavor. While more program details manifest themselves, we aspire to think about the next steps: “Bavaria Two” might encompass the launch of the first orbital rocket from Bavaria or the first Bavarian astronaut. The future is to be written in the stars.